Democracy Studies at UCI integrates comparative politics and American politics in the study of both established and emerging democracies.  UCI is one of the leading places in the world to study empirical democratic theory.  Nineteen department faculty are joined by nearly two dozen sociologists and economists in organizing a set of core courses in democracy studies administered under the umbrella of the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD).  These courses are organized in five areas: democratic transitions and consolidation, institutional mechanisms for democratic governance, race and ethnicity, political economy and the economics of governance, and social movements and collective action.  The specialization in Democracy Studies also involves the research and participation conference participation of political science faculty in other University of California Political Science Departments, such as UC San Diego, UC Riverside, and UCLA.  Political scientists from universities from around the world interested in topics such as electoral systems and constitutional design, public opinion, interest groups and social movements regularly come as visitors to UCI.

Faculty members include:
Matthew Beckmann
Russell Dalton
Martha Feldman
Louis DeSipio
Bernard Grofman
Marek Kaminski
Claire Kim
Jack Peltason
Charles "Tony" Smith
Dorothy Solinger
Rein Taagepera
William R. Schonfeld
Carole Uhlaner
Martin Wattenberg


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