The Honors Program in Political Science provides an opportunity for some of our best students to develop their research skills and extensively study a topic of interest to them. The honors program is open to all junior and senior political science majors who meet the minimum academic qualifications (3.5 GPA in Political Science and 3.2 GPA overall).

The main component of the program consists of completion of a thesis (an extended piece of original research).  In preparation for this, honors students should enroll no later than the year prior to completion of the thesis in a course with a faculty member who is a likely thesis advisor.  The course should be either a upper division political science course or a Political Science 199 - Individual Study.

During the senior year honors students must enroll in H182A - Honors Workshop, offered fall quarter only, and 190 - Senior Thesis with their advisor each quarter (unit credit for writing thesis).  Upon completion of the thesis, students graduate with honors in political science.
Applications are available outside of the department office, SSPB 5229, and should be completed, along with a faculty advisor's signature, no later than spring quarter of a student's junior year (or 4th year for 5th year seniors).



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