Most graduates from UC Irvine’s Department of Political Science doctoral program have proceeded to work at research universities and liberal arts colleges, while others have pursued non-academic careers in government, nongovernmental organizations, and private industry.

Below is a complete list of our Ph.D. graduates and their placements since the 2007-08 academic year.


Name Dissertation Placement* Degree Awarded
Benjamin Hoyt Scepticism Without Reductionism: A Reimagination of the Political Thought of Bernard Williams Mercer University | Assistant Professor 2023
Benjamin Raynor The Political Economy of Post-Sanction Reinvestment: Why Firms Dive in or Defer After Financial Sanctions Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) | Senior Country Risk Analyst - The Americas 2023
Kyle McWagner The Existence and Impact of Partisan Political Intolerance University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee | Visiting Assistant Professor 2023
Prince Paa-Kwesi Heto Regional Peace and Conflict: The Role of Global Value Chains Soka University of America, Graduate School 2023
Robin Brooks Ishler The Case for a New English School: A New Response To The Fourth Debate Touro University | Assistant Professor of Political Science 2023
Misbah Hyder Empowerment through Submission: Conceptualizing Ahmadiyya Muslim Agency as Sabr Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Notre Dame | Postdoctoral Fellow 2022
Chaz Briscoe Exhibiting a Black Ecology of Environmental Degradation: Anti-Blackness Coalescing Around Multiple Sites of Power Virginia Tech | Postdoctoral Fellow 2022
Phoebe Moon When the Target Fights Back:Economic Coercion and Interstate Conflict in the Era of Global Value Chains Mercer University | Assistant Professor 2022
Pooya Safarzadeh Legalizing Foreignness: The Supreme Court’s Adoption of Racial Stereotypes in its Wartime Civil Liberties Cases Cal State University East Bay | Assistant Professor 2022
Nathan Chan Youth Consciousness and Intergenerational Solidarity in American Political Behavior Loyola Marymount University  | Assistant Professor 2022
Isabel Gonzales And If the World Should End Tonight...: Racial Capitalism, Sexual Mythmaking, and Tumblr’s Queer-of-Color Worlds of Resistance  University of Virginia | Postdoctoral Fellow 2022
Bianca Rubalcava Naming Racism, Confronting Anti-Blackness: Transnational Mexican American Racialization and Coalition Building University of Pacific | Assistant Profoessor 2022
Shauna Gillooly Incomplete Peace and Strategies of Resilience in Columbia American Council on Learned Societies & The Carnegie Foundation | Leading Edge Postdoctoral Fellow 2021
James Nguyen Cosmopolitan Intergenerational Justice and Climate Change Canadian Federal Government, Ottawa | Policy Analyst at Natural Resources 2021
Elham Kazemi "Narratives of 'Terror' and Transitional Justice: The Politics of Exclusion" Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) | Senior Research Associate 2021
Chungjae Lee Inventing "The People": The Discourse of Democratic Transformation in Early 20th Century Imperial Japan and Colonial Korea Gettysburg College | Visiting Assistant Professor 2021
Lev Nachman Movement Parties in Contested States: The Case of Taiwan's Post-Sunflower Movement Parties Harvard University | Postdoctoral Fellow 2021
Daeun Song The Asian American Division over Affirmative Action: Examining the Case of SCA5 and the Rise of Chinese American Conservatism Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea | Senior Analyst 2020
Brett Savage California Special Districts – Accountability, Composition, and Trends Cal Poly San Luis Obispo | Lecturer 2020
Stacey Liou Political Intelligibility and the Performative Force of Assembly University of Florida | Assistant Professor 2020
Jonathan Cervas A Quantitative Assessment of the Electoral College, 1790-2020 Carnegie Mellon University, Institute for Politics and Strategy | Post doctoral Fellow 2020
Christopher Stoughton The Tragedy of Climate Change California State Polytechnic University, Pomona | Lecturer 2020
Hallee Caron Persuasion without Protection: Readmission Agreements, Informal Arrangesments, and the International Refugee Regime California State Auditor Office | Auditor Evaluator 2020
Mary Anne Mendoza Educated into Violence: The Colonial Origins of Separatist Rebellion California State Polytechnic University, Pomona | Assistant Professor 2020
Maneesh Arora Which Race Card? Understanding Racial Appeals in U.S. Politics Wellesley College | Assistant Professor 2019
Archie Delshad Politicization and Racialization: Iranian American Political Participation and Identity Formation Fullerton College | Associate Professor 2019
John Emery War by Algorithm: Giambattista Vico and Ethics of War in the Technological Era University of Oklahoma | Assistant Professor of International Security 2019
Jovan Milojevich Yugoslavia Revisited: An Examination of the Immediate Effects and Long-Term Implications of Western (Foreign) Policies During and After the Yugoslav Crisis Oklahoma State University | Visiting Assistant Professor 2019
Alexandra Raleigh Transitional Justice as a Complex System: The Dynamics of Holistic Justice in South Africa Case Western Reserve University School of Law | Law Student  2019
Alex Lee Nuclear Debates and Political Competition in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan: Denuclearization or Nuclear Latency in the aftermath of Fukushima Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Postdoctoral Fellow 2019
Hannah Kim Middle Class and Democratic Citizenship in East Asia University of Nebraska Omaha | Assistant Professor 2019
Dirk Horn Two Paths: A Comparative Analysis of the Narco-economics and Drug Control Policies in Latin America--The Case of Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Uruguay California State University, Bakersfield | Visiting Assistant Professor 2018
Pernilla Johansson External Actors in International Peacebuilding

Sida | Head of Sida Partnership Forum

Marcos Scauso Indianismo: Debating Conditions of Possibility for Multi-relational Coexistence Quinnipiac University | Assistant Professor 2018
Trevor Allen The Far Right and the Left Behind: The Demographic Deepening and Surprising Durability of Far Right Parties in Western Europe, 2009-2014 Central Connecticut State University | Assistant Professor 2017
Carrie Reiling Advocating for Themselves: Seeking Security Through Women's Peacebuilding Organizations in Cote D'Ivoire Washington College | Assistant Professor 2017
Misty Knight-Finley Rights, Regimes, and Reinvention: The Role of the Welfare State in Same-Sex Relationship Recognition Policy Rowan University | Assistant Professor 2017
Hannah Alarian Migrant Employment and the Foundations of Integration: A Multimethod Approach University of Florida | Assistant Professor 2017
Peter Beattie Crooked Timber and the Broken Branch: The Invisible Hand in the Marketplace of Ideas The Chinese University of Hong Kong | Assistant Professor 2017
Katelyn Finley Inequality Across Transition Counties: The Demand for and Supply of Income Redistribution University of California, Irvine | Lecturer 2017
Jennifer Jones Talk "Like a Man:" Feminine Style in the Pursuit of Political Power Loyola Marymount University | Visiting Assistant Professor 2017
Sahar Khan Legitimizing State-sponsored Militants: The Role of Civil Institutions in Pakistan Cato Institute, Washington, DC | Post-Doc 2017
Joshua Malnight Economic Coercion and the Logics of Global Business Signet Jewelers | Citizen Data Scientist 2017
Kelsey Norman Reluctant Reception: Understanding Host State Migration and Refugee Policies in Egypt, Morocco and Turkey Rice University, Baker Institute for Public Policy | Director, Women's Rights, Human Rights and Refugees Program & Fellow for the Middle East 2017
Graham Odell From the Ashes Shall Rise: Determinants of State Reconstitution in Republican China and Sengoku Japan Pomona College | Lecturer 2017
James Alexander Keena The Electoral Consequences of Size in American Politics Virginia Commonwealth University | Assistant Professor 2016
Kenneth Chaiprasert The Political Incorporation of Children of Refugees: The Experience of Central Americans and Southeast Asians in the U.S. East Los Angeles College | Assistant Professor 2016
Heather Cox Essays of Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Development, and Economic Institutions U.S. International Trade Commission | International Economist 2016
John Cuffe Marginals, Mavericks, and Majorities: Elements of Legislative Behavior, Politics, and Elections U.S. Census Bureau | Statistician 2016
Jennifer Garcia From Protest to Policymaking: African American Legislative Behavior in the Post-War Era Oberlin College | Assistant Professor 2016
Lev Marder Economies of Ignorance: Genealogical Study of Political Ignorance in Late Modernity Queen's University | SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow 2016
Robert Nyenhuis The Prevalence of Populism in Latin America: Contenders, Citizens, and Campaigns California Polytechnic University, Pomona | Assistant Professor 2016
Tanya Schwarz Instruments of the Divine? Faith-Based Organizations in International Politics American Political Science Association, Director 2016
Arturo Jimenez-Bacardi Speaking Law to War: International Law, Legal Advisers, and Bureaucratic Contestation in U.S. Defense Policy University of South Florida | Assistant Professor 2015
Johanna Solomon Identity Change in Jewish-Muslim Inter-Group Contact: A Longitudinal Study of Two Inter-Group Dialogue Programs Kent State University | Assistant Professor 2015
John Altick Radical Democracy: A Principled Disruption The Citadel | Visiting Assistant Professor 2015
Mark Berlin Implementing International Law: The Criminalization of Atrocities in Domestic Legal Systems Since World War II Marquette University | Assistant Professor 2015
Alfredo Carlos Economic Democracy: From Continual Crisis to a People Oriented Economy California State University, Long Beach | Lecturer 2015
Leah Hemze Antinomy as Critique: Popular Sovereignty as Practice and Theory Anthem Inc. | Metrics Executive Advisor 2015
Tom Le  Where Power Projection Ends: Constraints and Restraints on Japanese Militarism Pomona College | Assistant Professor 2015
Bryan Nelle Finding the Political: The Ethical Consumer and Neoliberalism Chadwick International School, Songdo, South Korea 2015
Sierra Powell The Political Potential of Americans with Disabilities: A Study of Political Engagement and Preferences Mt. San Antonio College Professor | Associate Professor 2015
Jason Vick A Twenty-First Century Defense of Participatory Democracy Freelance Writer & Independent Scholar 2015
Josh Gellers Global Norms and Green Constitutions: Explaining the Emergence of Constitutional Environmental Rights University of North Florida | Associate Professor 2014
Kris Coulter The Personal is Juridical: Explaining the Variation in the Legal Treatment of Women and Men in the United States Supreme Court University of Wisconsin, Green Bay | Assistant Professor 2014
Heidi Haddad Advocates, Institution Builders, and Gatekeepers: NGOs and International Human Rights Justice Pomona College | Associate Professor of Politics 2014
Ryan Shirah Institutional Legacy and the Stability of New Democracies: The Lasting Effects of Competitive Authoritarianism University of Tennessee | Institutional Research Analyst 2014
Bron Tamulis Louis Althusser, Leo Strauss, and the Theoretical Turn in Political Leadership Charter Oak State College | Teaching Faculty 2014
Wilfred Wan Institutional Change and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research | Lead Researcher 2014
Amy Grubb The microdynamics of violence and order : variations in community security processes Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University | Associate Professor 2014
Neil Chaturvedi Hiding and Hedging: Surviving the Ideological Center in the United States Senate California State Polytechnic University, Pomona | Associate Professor 2013
Nathan Jones The State Reaction: A Theory of Illicit Network Resilience Sam Houston State University | Assistant Professor 2013
Victoria Wilson Deconstructing race and gender in the 2008 presidential election Asian Pacific American Legal Center | Research Analyst 2013
Andrea Vandom The effect of wages on extortion  House 47 | Managing Partner 2013
Danvy Le Under pressure? : effects of social pressure on political participation in a vietnamese community in California Cal State University East Bay | Assistant Professor 2013
Colin Moore Foreign policy and the six-party talks: the effects of regime type and state vulnerability Sacramento City College Adjunct Professor 2012
Karl Kruse Markets in regulation: the regulators, incentives, and pathways for change Management Consultant 2012
Adam Martin Forgiveness in an age of terror: the political psychology of forgiving the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks Graceland University, Iowa | Assistant Professor 2012
Kathryn Cooper Discrimination and participation : the effect of perceived gender discrimination on women's political activity Federal Government 2012
Amy Alexander The gender gap in parliamentarians' pathways, roles, styles and policy attitudes: comparisons across parties and nations in Western Europe Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 2011
Madeline Baer Privatizing water: globalization, states and human rights Occidental College | Associate Professor, Diplomacy & World Affairs 2011
Alix Van Sickle Beyond electoral democracy: civil society and the construction of democratic citizenship in Latin America Point Loma Nazarine University, Adjunct Professor 2011
Nathan Jones The state reaction: a theory of illicit network resilience Sam Houston State University, Associate Professor of Security Studies 2011
Denise Robb The effect of instant runoff voting on democracy [electronic resource] Pierce College (CA), Assistant Professor 2011
Bridget Portman Death anxiety and political ideology: a multimethod investigation Santa Clara University, Adjunct Professor 2011
Zahra Ahmed Service learning in policy and practice: a study of service learning across three universities UC Irvine, Director, Civic & Community Engagement 2010
Thomas Doyle Moral dilemmas: acquiring nuclear weapons in the second nuclear age Associate Professor, Political Science, Texas State University, San Marcos 2010
Kathy Rim In solidarity? the influence of racial group consciousness on Asian American political behavior Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor 2010
Christopher Stout Black empowerment in the Age of Obama Wellesley College, Assistant Professor 2010
Armando Ibarra Salazar Poverty in the valley of plenty: Mexican families and migrant work in California University of Wisconsin, School for Workers, Assistant Professor 2010
Willy Jou Left-right orientations in new democracies [electronic resource]: cognition, contents, consequences Waseda University, Japan, Postdoc 2010
Reuben Kline Essays in political economy SUNY, Stonybrook, Associate Professor 2010
Christopher Balding The political economics of international trade: the impact of institutions, governance quality, and public spending HSBC School of Business, Beijing University, Assistant Professor 2009
Robin Bowman Uncovering the conditions of terrorism by armed Muslim separatist groups in the Philippines through the variable interaction analysis Defense Department 2009
John Ensch Electoral systems and regional cooperation: politics and economics in Metropolitan Planning Organizations Private Industry, Germany 2009
P. Brian Fisher Reframing global climate change: achieving human security for vulnerable communities College of Charleston, Assistant Professor 2009
Bruce Hemmer The democratization of peacebuilding: the political engagement of peacebuilding NGOs in democratizing societies U.S. Department of State 2009
Nhu-Ngoc Ong Governing music in Vietnam: from socialist to post-socialist use of nationalism Publisher and Editor in Chief, Viet Tide Magazine, Garden Grove CA 2009
Saba Ozyurt Integrating Muslim immigrant women in the United States and the Netherlands: effects of religiosity and migrant religious institutions Alliant International University, Assistant Professor 2009
Becki Scola Are all states created equal: the supply and demand of women state legislators St. Joseph's University (PA), Associate Professor 2009
Daniel Wehrenfennig The missing link: citizen dialogue in Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine Executive Director, The Olive Tree Initiative, UC Irvine 2009
Molly Patterson The dynamics of deliberation: power and structuration in democratic communication Associate Professor, Aquinas College 2008
Ballestero Lee Citizen support in democracies: the effects of media exposure and content on attitudes toward democracy Moorpark College Professor 2008
Joe Bergeron Social movement promotion of public policy during challenging times University of Wisconsin-Parkside Assistant Professor 2008
Titus Chen Capped socialization: how have international norms changed China, 1860-2007 National Chenchi University, Taipei, Assistant Research Fellow 2008
Natalie Masuoka Rethinking race and politics: mixed race and the trajectory of minority politics in the United States University of California Los Angeles, Associate Professor 2008
Stephen Nuño Messenger politics: the influence of co-ethnic partisan recruitment on Latino vote choice Northern Arizona University Assistant Professor 2008
Michael Latner Metropolitan fragmentation and electoral mobilization: a study of the impact of residential settlement patterns on voter turnout in the United States Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Assistant Professor 2008
Bogdan Radu Traditional believers and democratic citizens: a contextualized analysis of the effects of religion on support for democracy in East Central Europe Babes-Bolyai University, Bucharest, Assistant Professor 2008


* (in most cases, initial placement after leaving UCI Only)


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