Most graduates from UC Irvine’s Department of Political Science doctoral program have proceeded to work at research universities and liberal arts colleges, while others have pursued non-academic careers in government, nongovernmental organizations, and private industry.

Below is a complete list of our Ph.D. graduates and their placements since the 2007-08 academic year.


Mark Berlin (IR), Marquette University, Assistant Professor
Tom Le (IR),  Pomona College, Assistant Professor

Josh Gellers (IR) University of North Florida, Assistant Professor
Kris Coulter (AP) University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Assistant Professor
Heidi Haddad (IR) Pomona College, Assistant Professor
Ryan Shirah (CP), University of Tennessee, Institutional  Research Analyst
Wilfred Wan (IR), United Nations University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Neil Chaturvedi (AP) Seattle University, Assistant Professor
Nathan Jones (IR) Sam Houston State University, Assistant Professor

Kathryn Cooper (AP) Federal Government    
Nathan Jones (IR) Rice University, Baker Institute, Postdoc
Karl Kruse (IR) Management Consultant 
Adam Martin (PT) Graceland University (IA), Assistant Professor
Colin Moore (IR) Sacramento City College, Adjunct Professor
Fatima Rahman (CP) Lake Forest College (IL), Assistant Professor
Denise Robb (AP) Pierce College (CA), Assistant Professor

Amy Alexander (CP) Gottingen University, Germany, Assistant Professor
Madeline Baer (IR) San Diego State University, Assistant Professor
Willy Jou (CP) Waseda University, Japan, Postdoc
Bridgette Portman (PT) Santa Clara University, Adjunct Professor
Alix Van Sickle (CP) Point Loma Nazarne Univeristy, Adjunct Professor

Zahra Ahmed (AP) UC Irvine, Director, Civic & Community Engagement
Robin Bowman (IR) Defense Department    
Chih-Chieh (Titus) Chen (CP) National Chenchi University, Taipei, Assistant Research Fellow
Thomas Doyle (IR) Texas State University - San Marcos, Assistant Professor
John Ensch (CP) Private Industry, Germany    
Bruce W. Hemmer (CP) U.S. Department of State    
Armando Ibarra (AP) University of Wisconsin, School for Workers, Assistant Professor
Rueben Kline (AP) SUNY, Stonybrook, Assistant Professor
Nhu-Ngoc Ong (IR) Vien Dong Daily News, Managing Editor
Kathy Heeyun Rim (AP) Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor
Christopher Stout (AP) Wellesley College, Assistant Professor
Daniel Wehrenfennig (IR) UC Irvine, Director, Olive Tree Initiative

Christopher Balding (IR) HSBC School of Business, Beijing University, Assistant Professor
P. Brian Fisher (IR) College of Charleston, Assistant Professor
Michael  Latner (AP) Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Assistant Professor
Saba Ozyurt (IR) Alliant International University, Assistant Professor
Becki Scola (AP) St. Joseph's University (PA), Associate Professor

Lee Ballestero (CP), Moorpark College, Tenured Professor
Joe Bergeron (AP) University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Assistant Professor
Natalie Masuoka (AP) Tufts University, Assistant Professor
Stephen Nuno (AP) Northern Arizona University, Assistant Professor
Bogdan Radu (CP) Babes-Bolyai University, Bucharest, Assistant Professor



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