To help department staff manage and track reimbursement requests we have implemented a process for you to submit your reimbursement requests. This method applies to the following types of reimbursements:
  1. Travel reimbursements (i.e., conference or research related domestic or international travel. including conference registration fees for in person conferences)
  2. Entertainment reimbursements (i.e., colloquium speaker meals, recruitment candidate meals, small workshops/lunches organized on campus)
  3. Purchase Order (i.e., supplies, materials, surveys, honoraria, subscriptions paid with your personal credit card, registration fees for online/non-travel conferences)
To submit your reimbursement requests:
  1. Enter your expense details into the following excel sheet (download it, fill out, upload in step #2) |   Excel Sheet
  2. Click on this link Pol Sci Reimbursement Request and provide the information requested.

Information you will be required to know to submit a request properly:

General Information Requested

Requestor name, and email

Type of reimbursement (travel, entertainment, purchase order)

Request Type Info Requested Backup Files Required

Description of travel (who, what, when, where, why)
KFS accounts

Pol Sci Expense Summary Template file
(See Excel file above)
Receipts file
(all receipts combined into one pdf file)


List of attendees
KFS accounts

Pol Sci Expense Summary Template file
(See Excel file above)
Receipts file
(all receipts combined into one pdf file)

Purchase Order (see below for add'l info)

Detailed justification
KFS accounts

PO Request Form
Any Additional supporting documentation

Department staff will be notified of your submission and will process your reimbursement accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact staff.


Purchase Orders

To request purchases for:
  • supplies (books included),
  • materials,
  • surveys, or
  • memberships

Please download the following PO Request Form, complete the form and submit using the process described above. Please see PO Form Instructions for additional information.


Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Appointment Requests

The following Type of GSR requests are permitted:
  1. Academic Year Quarters (fall, winter, spring, or full academic year)
  2. Summer

GSR requests must be submitted to Grad Affairs at least 30 days before the desired GSR start date. Please contact department analyst Jim Keehn ( more than 30 days before desired GSR start date to initiate a GSR request.



Graduate Stipend Requests

Faculty, please use this form to submit graduate stipends requests. Stipends are meant to provide financial assistance, support, or to recognize a student (i.e., an award). Stipends should not be used to pay students for any scope of work. For work assigned, students must be appointed as GSRs.

To submit a stipend, please use: Stipend Link Please make sure you select “OTHER”:


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