Graduate Program Forms

Please review the Program Overview and the Graduate Program Rules to familiarize yourself with general program requirements. Please download the Form Requirement Checklist to understand which exact forms are required in order for you to successfully obtain your Ph.D.


Required Departmental Forms

*All forms must first be routed through the department office. Please submit to for approvals.*


Select one of the following:


Two Approved Field Forms -- See below for Forms and Coordinator Contact Information (Two must be completed):

Field Requirements:
  American Politics Field Curriculum

Field Form:
   American Politics
Field Coordinator:
  Danielle Thomsen

Field Requirements:
  Comparative Politics Field Curriculum

Field Form:
   Comparative Politics
Field Coordinator:
  Sara Goodman

Field Requirements:
  International Relations Field Curriculum

Field Form:
   International Relations
Field Coordinator:
  Robert Uriu

Field Requirements:
  Political Theory Field Curriculum

Field Form:
   Political Theory
Field Coordinator:
  Keith Topper



Public Law
2nd Field Coordinator:
  Mary McThomas

Political Psychology
2nd Field Coordinator:
  Kristi Monroe

2nd Field Coordinator:
  Kristi Monroe

2nd Field Coordinator:
  Ines Levin

Public Choise
2nd Field Coordinator:
  Bernie Grofman

Democracy Studies
2nd Field Coordinator:
  Louis DeSipio

Critical Theory
2nd Field Coordinator:
  Kevin Olson

Race and Ethnicity
2nd Field Coordinator:
  David Phoenix


Departmental Forms

   Qualifying Paper Approval Form
Students must submit two qualifying
papers during their time in the graduate program


DocuSign Online Forms

DocuSign Process - In what order do I fill the above forms?

  • 1 - Please click on the appropriate Docusign form link
  • 2 - For the Dept Form Preparer — please put your own name/email
  • 3 - Please list the names and emails of all your committee members (only applies to Ph.D. Form 1 and Ph.D. Form 2)
  • 4 - For Student — please put your own name/email
  • 5 - For Department Chair/Grad Advisor — please put “Dept of Political Science” for name and place this email:
  • 6 - For Associate Dean — please put “Barbara Sarnecka” and place this email:
  • 7- For Department Copy— please put “Dept of Political Science” for name and place this email:

Once you hit “BEGIN SIGNING,” it will ask you to fill out part of the form (your name, ID no, school/dept). Once you fill that out, it will ask you to hit “FINISH” and it will send to the next person on your list (usually in the order you set your committee members, chair will likely be first).

After it routes through them, it will come back to you as a student, where you might have to sign in the appropriate fields depending on the form (Docusign will indicate where).

Then, it will route to the email ( where the department graduate director will sign.

Then, it will route to Associate Dean Sarnecka.

Finally, after all those members have signed, it will route automatically to the Grad Division.

*Please make sure you enter all email addresses correctly; if not, your paperwork will get stuck within the Docusign platform


MA Degree for current Ph.D. students (Entails two steps:)

Step 1 (Must submit 1 QUARTER before earning the MA):
   Master’s Advancement to Candidacy Comprehensive Exam


Advancement to Candidacy for PhD (Ph.D. Form 1):

   Advancement to Candidacy Form (Ph.D. Form 1)

Dissertation Defense Paperwork (Ph.D. Form 2):

   Dissertation Defense Paperwork (Ph.D. Form 2)



Grad Division Filling Deadlines

 Important Deadlines


Optional Forms


International Students Forms


Funding Forms

Conference Reimbursements

 Graduate Student Conference Stipend Form — Departmental

   Associated Graduate Students Travel Grants — University

External Grants

   External Grant-Seeking Stipend Application — Departmental


Graduate Division Forms


Graduate Leadership

For DECADE, the information would be these two websites:

The DECADE representatives from our department are:

SocialScineces Council

Alisson Rowland

Nidhi Banavar

Genesis Mazariegos

Jackie Ku

Yiwen Huang

Campus-Wide Rep

Jessica Taghvaiee

Polisci DECADE department reps:

Bianca Rubalcava

Hesam Rahmani


General Department Leadership

Department Graduate Reps:

Katelyn Kelly

Paul Love

Social Coordinators:

Elane Westfaul

Angelica Garcia-Macias

Office Coordinators:

Melina Much

Prince Heto


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